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React Hooks TypeScript Tome

This irreverant, sloppy, but interactive textbook wants to teach you how to make web applications using TypeScript and React Hooks. Give it a try.

  1. Setup
    1. Environment Setup
    2. Branching Out
  2. Basic App
    1. All the Concepts
    2. Basics of HTML and CSS
  3. TypeScript
    1. Primitives and Control Flow
    2. Arrays
    3. Objects
    4. Nested Data
  4. Using State
    1. State
    2. Components
    3. Forms
  5. Complex Representations
    1. Nested Examples
    2. Full Application
  6. Your Own App
  7. The Lost Chapters
    1. Sharing Code
    2. Record Types
    3. Saving and Loading

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Created by Austin Cory Bart, Josh Lyon, Kurt Hammen, Emma Adelmann, Terry Harvey.